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General Physical Preparedness pt. 1

As a coach and athlete, I have been in the weight room for the last 19 years. Of all the coaches, games, and so on I can always say I was my strongest when I could do the most work. In high school, I could run an 8 minute mile and had good numbers for a hs athlete. During my college football years, I would get cut off doing a 500 back squat triple and could go as long as I needed to for games. Since then though, my work capacity has declined and I wasn't seeing progress over the long term. I could work for 12 weeks for a weightlifting meet, maybe PR and then be gassed for 2...

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Bench Programming

When you’re trying to focus on the programming for your bench, it is highly likely that you have googled a bunch of different articles and Youtube videos. You’ve watched what your favorite lifters have done/are doing, you’ve read T-Nation, Elitefts, and BarBend articles. All of that is fantastic as is what you should be doing. But, you’re still not satisfied because you haven’t found the golden formula to add 100lbs to your bench by the next meet. The reason you haven’t found this is because it doesn’t exist. Training the bench press can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. There is nothing wrong with a simple linear progression, periodization, or conjugate method. In all...

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