State of Brewhouse Barbell: Newsletter Nov 4th

This is an extremely exciting time for Brewhouse Barbell.

We have a ton of events coming up that directly impact our awesome members, most of which involve them taking to the platform and showing off their hard work.

We have the USAPL Brewhouse Brawl this Saturday, Nov 4th. The gym will be closed Friday at 3pm for setup and all day Saturday as a result. It is STRONGLY encouraged to come attend and support your fellow lifters at the meet. $10 at the door.

This will also be the first meet that we will livestream:

Click Here

We also have three members going down to Daytona Beach, FL to compete in the Official Strongman Games! The most competitive strongman meet in the world! OSG puts on an amazing show and you can watch the meet here:



A few IMPORTANT things to note for members:

  • We are supplying a platform, plates, and combo to the IPL North Americans meet as part of our sponsorship with the USPA next week Nov. 17-20th. Apologies to the members for any inconvenience
  • Hoodies are back in stock
  • Pre ordered shirts are en route and we will be messaging you all very soon to come pick up!