2022 Brewhouse Barbell Halloween Costume Deadlift Party Recap

Brewhouse Barbell is all about community. It's something I pride myself about the gym and is something I hold dear. 

I have never been in a gym that has the same environment as Brewhouse Barbell and it is 100% because the members that we have pour their energy into fostering and building a strong community here.

That being said this past Saturday, OCT 22nd, we had our annual halloween costume deadlift party. This is a potluck style for the members that we have had for three years now and this year was one of the best yet. The food was good, the costumes were great and there was some insane pulls. 

Check out all of our strong members that ended up breaking PRs at our annual costume deadlift party!

*something interesting - I believe we officially have 6 members that have a 700lb+ deadlift and a handful more with 600lb deadlifts