Membership Info - Join the BrewCrew

Membership is $50/month 

  • First Workout is absolutely FREE! Come check out our Facility!
  • Key Card allowing 24/7 access
  • NO contracts
  • NO fees
  • Day passes are $10

    We offer Membership Discounts for Military personal, our Veterans, and students with proper ID.

    To sign up call or text (405) 323-4223 or fill out the contact form BELOW and we will reach out to you as soon as possible! 

    Do you want to purchase a membership completely online? Click this link here:


    Be sure to set up a time to meet for a an access key card by booking an appointment below.

    If you are interested in a membership and would like a tour of the gym or have already purchased one and need an access key card for 24/7 member access, follow the hyperlink below.