Train with the BrewCrew

Train with the BrewCrew Program

How's it work?

Once you decide its time to take the guesswork out of your exercise and training and hop on a structured training plan ran by the community at Brewhouse Barbell, you'll simply scroll to the bottom of the page, click the link and fill out the contact and payment information to begin your training plan!

Who is the program for?

There are two templates to choose from. Those that are just starting out and beginning to pursue true barbell strength training should begin with our Base Building program while those that have over a year of specifically barbell strength training should choose the Strength Building program.

How is the program designed?

Both programs are designed to have 4 training days and have 1 optional General Physical Preparedness / Accessory day.

The strength training programs use sound strength sport specific research and tried and true tested principles of strength training such as Progressive Overload, General Adaptation Syndrome. Both strength programs utilize strategies such as accommodating resistance, various loading modalities, and prescribed deloads. 

The email address you provide will be the email address that will be used to create your Teambuildr account. Teambuildr is the app used to deliver your workouts to you and provides the perfect medium for you to leave weights and reps used, watch clear instructional exercise videos, and leave feedback for review in the exercise history tab. 

For a Full Tutorial breakdown in the app, follow this link:

BrewCrew programming is $40/month

Use promo code: wEA8ECwu

This promo code will give you HALF off your first month!

Follow the link below to signup!

We look forward to having you Train with the BrewCrew!

*This is NOT a membership to the physical gym, Brewhouse Barbell.

Please reach out to Connor Cocklin with any issues or to cancel your programming at 405-323-4223 or